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Massage provides a wealth of benefits to a persons physical and mental health, including relieving stress, aiding injury and post workout recovery, releasing muscular tension, reducing aches and pains, improving circulation, increasing range of movement, enhancing the body's immune system and detoxification to list but a few.  


We offer sports specific massage including pre and post event, deep tissue massage, or relaxing full body massages.  A variety of techniques can be applied, including trigger point therapy, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) passive stretching and mobilisation techniques as well as dry needling.

An initial consultation and general postural analysis can help to identify areas of tightness and muscular imbalance, which may assist in devising a more suitable massage plan. In addition, the option of kinesiology tape can provide assistance in pain relief, aiding recovery, reducing inflammation and joint mobility.


Current prices:

€90 1.5hours

€70  1 hour

€60  45 mins

€45  30mins         

Also available:

Postural assessment

Flexibility testing

Muscle Energy techniques/PNF

Spinal mobilisation

Kinesiology taping 

Dry Needling  

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