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Sophie's Story 

I have always enjoyed feeling fit, healthy and strong.   I grew up doing a variety of different sports, swimming, playing hockey and generally being active.   I have also grown up with a healthy appetite and come from a family that enjoys making and eating good food.  We spend a lot of time chatting and being excited about what new recipes we find and what new things we plan to make next time we get together!   I think that moving and using your body, eating well and having some time to relax are key to having good health and enjoying life!


A few years back I took a career break and went travelling.  While I was away I was inspired by what I saw and experienced in so many ways but also by how people live and eat all over the world.  It was the first time though that I had less time for training and eating well, its not always easy when you’re on the road and I really missed it.  My trip got me thinking about what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted my life to take. 


I returned home having made my decision; I went back to school and retrained – I studied nutrition, learnt and practiced massage and became a personal trainer.  I spent 2 years putting this into practice and getting myself fit, strong and healthy again.  I took up triathlon for the fun of it and found that I loved it.


It is for these reasons that I created Whole Health Design.  I can now share a life long passion and experience and really help people to feel stronger, healthier and happier.

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